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Main business

Support of the shrimp farming industry through the quality aquaculture products, both grow-out and hatchery and technical advice

on biotechnology and microbiology matters through its advanced shrimp diagnostic laboratories.

Our History
For over 6 years, Asia Star Lab has paid close attention to customers' needs. Asia Star Lab has a proud history of delivering exceptional results.

Year 1999 Found the Company
Year 2001 Open the new standard factory at Samutsakorn
Year 2001 Establish PCR laboratory at Chachengsoa, Thailand
Year 2001 Establish Shrimp Disease Diagnose and Pond Water Analysis Laboratory at Kuching, Malaysia
Year 2002 Establish PCR laboratory at Ratchaburi, Thailand
Year 2002 Establish Shrimp Disease Diagnose and Pond Water Analysis Laboratory at Yangon, Myanmar
Year 2002 Establish PCR laboratory at Kedah, Malaysia
Year 2004 Establish Shrimp Disease Diagnose and Pond Water Analysis Laboratory at Tawau, Malaysia
Year 2004 Establish PCR laboratory at Perak, Malaysia


Our Mission
Our associates throughout the world all share this mission: Promise Develop Aquaculture Merit. These values inspire the way we serve our customers,

who rely on Asia Star Lab professionals as a true partners in their business success. We not only provide them with the absolute best quality products, technology

and service in the shrimp business, but we listen to them, respond quickly to their current needs, anticipate future needs, and earn their business every day.

With a cohesive strategy, unique culture and common mission, Asia Star Lab demonstrate that excellence, integrity and commitment can

and should go along with success and growth.


Marketing Positioning
Asia Star Lab Products produces and markets a range of aquaculture products. Our products have been sold into shrimp markets both grow-out and hatchery.


Competitive Advantage
As a growing Thailand company, Asia Star Lab Products has the advantage of being able to react quickly to market forces whilst

still having sufficient resources to develop. Customer focus and personalized service are essential to our marketing efforts
Our staff is highly focused to maintain a high profile in shrimp diagnosis, while our commitment to education means

we are recognized by our customers as a valuable source of information.


Provide Aquaculture Products and Service has consolidated its position and improved market share through an aggressive strategy

combining the relabelling of existing products, the rationalization of product ranges and new product releases into different segments.


Sourcing of Product
Asia Star Lab Products is directly responsible for the manufacture of all of the products we sell. In 2001 we moved into a new factory

conveniently located adjacent to one of Thailand's main thoroughfares. On this site, we have a full License to manufacture feed additive products

according to the standards issued by the Inland Feed Research Institute Department of Fisheries.


Product Portfolio
Asia Star Labs products, ranging from vitamin and mineral supplements, feed additives, antibiotics

and herbal medicine, biotechnology products, disinfectants, soil and water treatment, and lab test kit.


Asia Star Lab products are available throughout Thailand as well as many countries throughout South-East Asia and the Middle East.

They are sold by rural distributors and are retailed through the farm. Our sales representatives, based throughout Thailand,

provide supportto this national distribution network as well as assist with promotional and sales activities.


Sales and Sales Trends
Over the last 6 years, Asia Star Lab Products sales turnover has trebled, a trend which we expect will continue. Our move into the sale

and development of aquaculture products has dramatically increased our potential markets and we are moving to establish a substantial market share.


Research and Development
Asia Star Lab Products has a strong commitment to the research and development of new products. Currently, the company has several projects in progress

with various Universities and Research Institutions. Our staff are continually working to improve formulations of existing products as well as developing new products

to meet the needs of our changing markets. We work to keep up to date with current research in aquaculture and are able to use research findings

in many of our existing and planned products. We maintain links with major research organizations, enabling us to keep abreast of current projects

as well as providing ourselves with a valuable source of information.


Future Prospects
We are continuing to produce new products for the aquaculture industry with a number of products at various stages of development.

Export markets also offer large opportunities for growth and we intend to capitalize on many opportunities in other countries.


Major Challenges Next 3-5 Years
A major challenge will be to ensure the company's growth continues. Product registration is an issue that is becoming much more complex.

Asia Star Lab is taking an active role in the development of a workable product registration system. Increasingly, we expect our industry to become

more answerable for the products it produces and we will be working to maintain our current high standards of product development and production.


South-East Asia and the Middle East represent an enormous opportunity for our products. We will be investing a lot of time and effort

into making the most of the opportunities offered to us in this region and expect a substantial increase in export sales in the short to medium term.

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